Ruched Bikini Bottoms

Ruched bikini bottoms is a great way to create shape and add style to your suit. Depending on where the ruching is placed, it can either hide trouble areas you wish to hide, or accentuate all the right curves. The look of ruched bikini bottoms is exactly the same as the typical bikini bottom with the full coverage in the front and full coverage flat back, but with the addition of scrunched up material. Ruching in the front and side can help hide a tummy and slim your hips. Adding ruching down the back brings out some shape in your rear so that you can stay covered but flaunt your curves at the same time. This also helps to prevent the sagging and bunching that can happen when you get out of the water by wearing a bottom with strategically placed ruching. This sewing technique gathers up the excess fabric and stitches it up into this ruched style, getting rid of that droopy look. What you're left with is style and functionality, all in one suit.

If you like the traditional bikini brief style, ruching can also accent your suit. There are bottom styles with fold-over waistbands that have ruching. Strategically place around your waist, ruching helps to hide your tummy area and give it a flatter look. Other ruching design details can be done on the sides. Some suits have some ruched texture to give the suit a unique look. Keep in mind that ruching can help to both hide and accentuate the areas you want, it's simply a matter of having it in the right place.